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Proceedings of the Institute of Vehicles

Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Pojazdów

ISSN 1642-347X

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No. 4(104)/2015

Table of contents

Jacek Kamiński, Janusz Pokorski: In memoriam Professor Eugeniusz Kamiński
Zbigniew Lozia: Examples of authorial models for the simulation of motor vehicle motion and dynamics
Jerzy Osiński: Decoupling equations - application of specific cases of damping in the crash simulation
Przemysław Zagrodzki: Modal analysis of thermoelastic behavior of friction clutches and brakes
Filip Dąbrowski, Mirosław Gidlewski: Right-angle collision of motor vehicles participating in road traffic– comparative analysis of results of experimental and model tests
Tomasz Aleksander Miś: The construction of the Ares II Martian rover’s running gear (suspension)
Bronisław Kolator, Andrzej Olszewski: Influence of the pressure control of implement linkage on the performance of a machine unit
Michał Mariusz Abramowski: Analysis of the possibility of using video recorder for speed assessment of vehicle before the accident
Marcin K. Wojs, Piotr Orliński, Hubert Sar: Combustion process in bi-fuel engine powered by propane and diesel fuel


No. 3(103)/2015

Table of contents

Miroslav Blatnický, Ján Dižo: Design and analysis of hydraulic arm of light vehicle
Miloš Brezáni, Peter Baran, Róbert Labuda: Proposal of the combined exhaust gas heat exchanger and the silencer
Mateusz Brukalski: Introduction to dynamic square method
Ján Dižo, Miroslav Blatnický: Use of multibody system dynamics as a tool for the vehicle behaviour diagnostics
Peter Droppa, Peter Halgaš: Reducing the effects of an explosion with using of various bottom structures
Emil Evin, Miroslav Tomáš, Stanislav Németh: Using the numerical simulation to prediction deformation properties of advanced materials by 3-point bending test
Samuel Filípek, Peter Droppa: Reduction of thermal energy penetration into mobile military techniques
Jana Galliková, Roman Poprocký: Maintenance according to the technical state with use of the enterprise asset management systems
Paweł Krawczyk: Assumptions of linear generator control strategy for plug-in hybrid power train Jakub Lorencki: Several aspects of SRM fault diagnostics Daniel Pieniak, Marcin Oszust, Renata Kamocka-Bronisz: Influence of conditioning on the bending characteristics of material samples used for fire helmets production Daniel Pieniak, Agata Walczak, Paweł Kordos, Leszek Gil: Comparative evaluation of thermal fatigue degradation of light-curing composites Wojciech Skarka, Mateusz Glinka, Kamil Janecki, Adrian Krol, Miłosz Kurlanc, Maksymilian Stafiński, Maurycy Porc, Dominika Zaręba: Project of mechatronic steering system Mateusz Tyczka, Małgorzata John, Wojciech Skarka: Problem of preparing vertical elements by FDM technology Mateusz Wąsik, Wojciech Skarka: Influence of the windscreens inclination angle on the aerodynamic drag coefficient of the cars designed for the race Shell Eco-Marathon based on numerical simulations


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