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Proceedings of the Institute of Vehicles

Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Pojazdów / Politechnika Warszawska

ISSN 1642-347X

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No. 2(106)/2016

Table of contents

Henryk Bąkowski, Zbigniew Stanik: The test of the cooling fluid wear used in motor vehicles

Adrian Chmielewski, Robert Gumiński, Jędrzej Mączak: Adiabatic analysis of thermodynamic processes in the Stirling engine

Adrian Chmielewski, Robert Gumiński, Jędrzej Mączak: Analysis of isothermal thermodynamic processes in the Stirling engine
Maciej Foremny, Szymon Gudowski, Michał Malesza, Henryk Bąkowski: Tribological wear estimation of the engine oils used in drifting
Marcin Jasiński, Jędrzej Mączak, Przemysław Szulim, Stanisław Radkowski: Autonomous agricultural robot - collision avoidance methods overview
Rafał Jurecki: Driver response time in different traffic situations for using in accident analysis
Piotr Mróz, Sebastian Brol: Conception control system of pneumatic-hydraulic drive system
Bartłomiej Pajdosz, Marcin Jasiński: The electronic system of three-point hitch
Wojciech Skarka, Ryszard Skoberla: Design of braking system in the lightweight electric vehicle
Wojciech Skarka, Michał Szymon: Auxiliary photovoltaic power supply system for lightweight electric vehicle
Agnieszka Szegda, Esteban Fernandez Navarro, Sebastian Brol: Analysis of methods of wheel speed measurement using magnetic sensor mounted in vehicle
Przemysław Winiarski, Sebastian Brol: Conception of powertrain of hybrid hydraulic vehicle
Jarosław Zalewski: Analysis of a motor vehicle stability for the selected maneuver


No. 1(105)/2016

Table of contents

Andrej Prokhorenko, Dmytro Samoilenko: Discrete frequency method of power control for hcci-engine

Piotr Orliński, Marcin K. Wojs, Paweł Kruczyński: Combustion process in compression ignition
engine with addition of ozone

Andrzej Ambrozik, Dariusz Kurczyński, Piotr Łagowski, Michał Warianek: The toxicity of combustion
gas from the fiat 1.3 multijet engine operating following the load characteristics and fed with
rape oil esters

Andrzej Szymanek, Marzenna Dębowska–Mróz, Marta Orlińska, Piotr Kozłowski: Analysis of duration
of the selected operational states of the Warsaw metro passenger information system

D. Kurczyna, K. Kołodziejczyk, K. Juszczyk, S.W. Kruczyński, P. Orliński, M.K. Wojs, G. Gramatyka,

A. Kowalaszek, J. Sznyr: Analysis of combustion in diesel engines of biofuels derived from
waste-free production

Marcin K. Wojs; Piotr Orliński; Stanisław W. Kruczyński: Combustion process in dual fuel engine
powered by methane and dose of diesel fuel

Zdzisław Chłopek, Jakub Lasocki: Study on ecological properties of a car with the use
of LCA analysis due to vehicle motion model

Szymon Kołodziej: The effect of modifications of the map of LPG installation on exhaust gases
emissions in driving cycles

Krystian Hennek: Appraisal of the possibility of fuelling of an ATV vehicle engine
with hydrogen fuel


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